Phillip Glasser

American actor, voice-over artist, and film producer, Phillip Glasser, grew up in California and entered the entertainment business at age five. After acting in handful of commercial spots, Phillip was cast as Fievel Mousekewitz in Steven Spielberg’s, An American Tail. Sitting at the top of the box office in 1986, An American Tail would pave the way for animated features earning an unprecedented 84 million dollars worldwide. Phillip’s voice brought Fievel to life in two major theatrical features (An American Tail and Fievel Goes West), a soundtrack selling more than half a million copies which included Grammy Award winning and Oscar Nominated song “Somewhere Out There”, a television series, children’s album, live performance tour, and numerous promotions with McDonald’s, Sears and First Lady Barbara Bush’s Reading is Fundamental. Phillip voiced Fievel for 10 years of his life.

Throughout the years as Fievel, Phillip also lent his voice to multiple projects: A Troll in Central Park with Dom DeLouis, Bebe’s Kids as Opie, Jungle Jack, The Secret of Nimh part 2, Tiny Toons as Pedro Gonzales, Pound Puppies, Creepy Crawlers, PJ Sparkles, The Pink Panther, The Legend of Prince Valiant, and Frosty Returns with John Goodman. Phillips on-screen credits include: Full House as young Danny Tanner, Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Gabriel’s Fire, Side by Side, The Brady’s, as well as spending two years as Gavroache in the Los Angeles production of ‘Les Miserables’.

In his teenage and early adult years, Phillip shifted his focus to live action and production. He starred in Voodoo Dawn (Michael Madsen), Cutaway with Dennis Rodman and Steven Baldwin, Fallen Arches (Richard Portnow), and the Sci-Fi Channel Original film, Sabretooth with John Rhys-Davies. But perhaps his most memorable role comes as “Max” from the cult classic Pool Hall Junkies with Christopher Walken. Phillip wrapped up his acting career with a reoccurring role on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, season 1, and as Eugene “Too Loud” Brown on the last three seasons of NBC’s Saturday morning hit, Hang Time.

Phillip has made his mark as a producer by overseeing and completing production on Narc with Ray Liotta, Agent Cody Banks 1 and 2. As an independent producer, Phillip has produced over 25 titles including: Kickin’ It Old Skool with Jamie Kennedy, Endure (Joey Lauren Adams and Devon Sawa), Riddle (Val Kilmer), Mafia (Ving Rhames), A Resurrection which starred Michael Clarke Duncan in his final role. Phillip also produced Escape from Planet Earth with Ricky Gervais, Jessica Alba, and Sophia Vergara, Life on the Line starring John Travolta and most recently The War with Grandpa starring Robert DeNiro.

Phillip currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife of 19 years, three sons, his dog, cat and a partridge in a pear tree. Phillip still enjoys hearing from friends how Fievel, and his beloved Somewhere Out There, left its mark on their childhood. Not one to rest, Phillip continues to produce 1 to 3 films a year.