Pancho Moler

Moving quickly from character actor to leading man, Pancho Moler is certain to become the next groundbreaking Little Person actor. He most recently appeared in Rob Zombie’s 31 as the controversial killer, Sick Head. 31 had its world premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival in the prestigious Midnight Showing category. Last fall Pancho completed filming the independent film Banana Season, his first leading role in a feature film. Pancho appeared in festival favorite Friended to Death and the Princess Grace Award winning short Real Violence. On TV, he worked alongside John Carrol Lynch in American Horror Story: Freakshow. In 2015 Pancho originated the role of Jimmy, in Ron Klier’s Gus’s Fashion & Shoes at the Award winning VS. Theatre Company in Los Angeles. Upcoming films include You’re Gonna Miss Me, Fright Fest and the highly anticipated, Candy Corn, as well as the comedy pilot No Actor Parking.

Born in Santiago Chile, Pancho moved to the United States with his mother at age 8. Pancho’s first challenge was learning English. His ability to pick it up quickly was foreshadowing to his innate ability to memorize lines and learn dialects. At age 11, he found his first love, skateboarding. It taught him dicipline, determination and above all confidence. So much so, that at 18 Pancho became the 1st Little Person professional skateboarder in the world.

At age 28, after touring the world skating, Pancho moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.. While the roles for Little People can be few and far between, he brings to acting the same discipline and preserverance he used with skateboarding.. “ In order to earn the big bucks you have to pay your dues,” he says.. Pancho has explored various techniques with teachers including; Art Evans, Robert Rusler, Matthew Barry, BoJesse Christopher and at the Upright Citizens Brigade. This year, after 3 years of studying at the at the world renowned Actors Studio, Pancho became the 1st Little Person lifetime member ever.