Neville Page

Neville instructs students at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, in addition to the Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California.

He has worked as a concept designer on films, including Watchmen, Star Trek, TRON: Legacy, Cloverfield, and AvatarCloverfield director Matt Reeves noted they hired Page to design the "creature" that appears in the film, commenting, "We would go into his office and he would have what I affectionately referred to as his 'Wall of Terror.' On the wall were all sorts of bits of color, and as you got closer suddenly your interest turned to revulsion because those pictures were like pictures of intestines and eyeballs and pieces of animals. What he was doing was having a biological, evolutionary basis for every aspect of the creature."

From July through August 2010, the Oceanside Museum of Art held an exhibition on Page. Titled: "From Page to Screen: Character and Creature Design of Neville Page", featuring works by Page, including pencil drawings, three-dimensional models, and digital creations. Page said he hoped the exhibit would educate the public about a different facet to filmmaking, "The general public tends to associate films with actors versus people who conceive and design and make the films. What is on display is one small facet of what it takes to make a movie, one of the many gears involved in the mechanism, neither more important nor less ... simply as important."

Neville has served as a judge on the SyFy television series Face Off. He joined the judging panel on Face Off in season three, which launched in August 2012. His fellow judges included Ve Neill and Glenn Hetrick. Page returned for the fourth season in 2013. In October 2012, Page returned to the Oceanside Museum of Art, with an exhibition titled, "The Beauty in the Beast: Crafting Creatures by Neville Page". The exhibit which ran for ten weeks featured 45 works by Page from films, including Green Lantern, Prometheus, and TRON: Legacy. He was the creature designer for the 2013 American science fiction action film Star Trek Into Darkness.