Lou David

Lou David was a hulking and intimidating actor who was usually cast as menacing bad guys in a handful of movies made in the 70s and 80s. He made his film debut as an Italian mobster in the funky blaxploitation outing Come Back, Charleston Blue. David had a funny bit part as a mugger in the delightful cross country car race romp The Gumball Rally. He achieved his greatest enduring cult popularity as Cropsy, a mean, vicious and grotesquely disfigured summer camp caretaker who exacts a harsh revenge on a handful of obnoxious kids in the pleasingly gory and nasty slasher horror picture The Burning. Following his memorable turn in The Burning, Lou David appeared in two more features: he's Mr. T in Over the Brooklyn Bridge and the Headline Killer in the hugely enjoyable martial arts action/comedy blast The Last Dragon.