Jake Busey

For 26 years now, the son of actor/personality Gary Busey has been making film after film, with the occasional TV series peppered in between for good measure. 
After a tremendous run of A-list studio films directed by the likes of Paul Verhoeven, Tony Scott, Peter Jackson, Dean Parisot, James Mangold and Robert Zemekis in the first half of his career, he is now launching “Phase 2” of his journey with the Netflix series Stranger Things, alongside his good friend Cary Elwes,  for the show’s season 3 offering. 
Busey credits longtime acquaintance Robert Rodriguez with having helped kickstart the second half of the younger Busey’s career, by having cast him in Rodriguez’ own flagship show, From dusk til Dawn, the series which continues the narrative of his hit 1996 indie cult film on his fledgling network “El Rey”. 
After enjoying 3 years of that show, a phone call from Shane Black landed Jake the role reprising the lineage of his father's character 'Peter Keyes' from Predator 2.  Jake plays 'Sean Keyes', the 46 year old son of scientist/government operative Peter Keyes, now a scientist of his own merit, working within the Predator narrative. 

Early in 2018 Jake began a recurring role on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, as well as the CBS show NCIS in its 15th year. 
Jake will be seen rounding up season 5 of ‘SHIELD, and continuing with season 6 in the fall, if and when ABC renews the show. 
Jake will be filming Stranger Things throughout the summer of 2018, and resuming filming of both “Marvels agents of SHEILD” and “NCIS” this fall.