Helene Udy

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but a dual citizen with a British passport, Helene Udy is best known for playing edgy, rough hewn and often sympathetic portrayals of misunderstood characters's the most of which to date is the series regular prostitute "Myra" on the popular CBS TV Western Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. One of two daughters, Helene began her acting career as a child in Canadian shows for the CBC, CTV and Global Canadian television networks. She studied at Montreal's Dome Theater school and pursued a degree in film at Montreal's Dawson College, while continuing her acting career in Canadian movies (such as Pick-up Summer (1980), My Bloody Valentine (1981), Pin(1988), The Dead Zone (1983), Hog Wild (1980)), before moving to New York for her soap series gig on As the World Turns. While working as a series regular on the CBS series, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993), Helene formed "Fatty Pictures" (later known as "5k-Films") and began to produce and direct feature films. She has three independent movies to her credit to date (The Last Blue DayIf Tomorrow Comes (2000), Employee of the Month), and a documentary feature film (on malaria), with Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor, which took her to Africa and Malaysia in 2005. She also works in ketch comedy and is presently developing and producing sketches for her web comedy sketch series "Sexy Fun Kitty What".