Fred Dekker

Writer/director Fred Dekker was born on April 9, 1959 in San Francisco, California. An avid comic book fan, monster movie buff, and film nerd from an early age, Dekker was rejected by both USC and UCLA film schools. He wound up attending UCLA as an English major instead. His fellow UCLA classmates included future screenwriters Shane Black (who collaborated with Dekker on the script for The Monster Squad), Ed Solomon, and Chris Matheson.
One of Dekker's early projects in Hollywood was a 3-D Godzilla picture that sadly never panned out. Fred's first film credit was writing the story for the amusing horror comedy House. He made his promising debut as writer/director with the terrific Night of the Creeps, which paid affectionate homage to the blithely silly low-budget horror flicks he grew up loving as a kid. He followed this fine feature with the equally delightful tongue-in-cheek pastiche The Monster Squad. Alas, both movies received mixed reviews from the critics and flopped at the box office, but have fortunately gone on to acquire huge cult followings. Dekker wrote five episodes of the immensely enjoyable cable TV horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt: Split PersonalityAnd All Through the HouseLower BerthOnly Sin Deep, and The Thing From the Grave (Fred directed this episode as well). He wrote the stories for the exciting revenge thriller Ricochet and the failed spy spoof If Looks Could Kill. More recently Fred Dekker wrote several episodes of and served as a consulting producer on the science fiction TV show Enterprise.