Douglas Tait

Douglas Tait played The Pathologist Dread Doctor on the last season of the MTV series Teen Wolf. Tait also played the Villain Verlox on the 2014 ABC series The Quest. He has played iconic characters on films like JJ Abrams' Star Trek, Jon Favreau’s Zathura, Thor, Land Of The Lost, and the Hockey Mask Machete wielding character 'Jason Voorhees' in the climax of the hit film Freddy vs. Jason. Douglas has played several characters on NBC's Grimm, and has appeared on the television shows: Sons Of Anarchy, CSI Miami, NCIS-LA, The Last Ship, and many others.
He starred in the horror film Havenhurst produced by Mark Burg (Saw), and Wild Boar directed by Academy Award winner Barney Burman.

Tait plays the  Sasquatch in the Jack Links commercials, and he also played Godzilla in the Snickers Commercial for the 2014 Legendary Pictures Godzilla Movie. Currently you can watch him on Netflix in the films: Jack The Reaper, Knights Of Badassdom, and Alien Outpost

His most recent film role is Gruagach in the new Hellboy (2019).