Deborah Voorhees

Deborah Voorhees has lived a colorful life as a journalist, filmmaker, writer, editor, teacher, even a Hollywood B-scream starlet and Playboy Bunny. In 2015, Voorhees' screenplay Genevieve was an official selection of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Her short film and music video Hip Hop Hamlet was an official selection of Kenneth Branagh's Shakespeare Film Festival, in Stratford-upon-Avon, England and played in 2016 at the Elsinore Shakespeare Conference in Denmark, as did her short film Othello: Good Night My Sweet. In 2014, Voorhees released her first full-length feature film Billy Shakespeare, which asks, What if William Shakespeare never existed until? Our Modern Bard is caught in a love triangle of confused sexuality, cross dressing, mistaken identity, and bedroom trysts. The film won the Bardie Award from The Shakespeare Standard. The quirky, off-beat film has been compared to the indie hit Waiting for Guffman and is now available on Amazon and Voorhees wrote, directed and produced the indie film, with her company Voorhees Films ( Voorhees has just completed editing a dark comedy she directed titled Catching Up, written by New York playwright Tom Sime, and sent it to her award-winning composer Tamer Ciray. The film is about a socialite who becomes morbidly fascinated with an ex-con's past.

Voorhees' career as a writer began in 1990 at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. As a 16-year veteran journalist (mostly with The Dallas Morning News), she has covered a variety of stories: a mother on death row for killing her abusive husband, a schizophrenic psyche patient at the Austin State Hospital (who's also a nationally known folk artist), the fall of communism through the eyes of a Russian immigrant, a profile on Texas rancher Nan West (she's good with a gun, but never goes into town unless she dons a dress), a horseback adventure through the Badlands of Mexico (she rode illegally across the border for that story), master African-American muralist John Biggers' journey through the white art world.

Besides shooting indie films and music videos, Voorhees also shoots live concerts and theatrical and dance stage productions. Before directing and writing screenplays, Voorhees worked in Hollywood as an actress for Paramount Pictures horror franchise Friday the 13th, Part V, CBS's nighttime drama Dallas, NBC's detective drama Riptide, the day-time soap Days of Our Lives and many others. Voorhees has also taught Acting for Film at Eastern New Mexico University as well as British Literature and journalism in Texas and New Mexico. As a journalist, she has written and edited for The Dallas Morning News, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Front Desk magazine, Modern Luxury magazine, and The Shakespeare Standard. Learn more about Voorhees and her company at